Brendan Bilton

Brendan is a Consultant at E.ON's Energy Infrastructure & End Use Department.

As CEO of Ceram HyD, Brendan helped in the commercialisation of membrane materials to reduce the cost of producing hydrogen via electrolysis technology.

He has experience in commercialising start-up companies and is well networked in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Brendan was previously the CEO of St Andrews Fuel Cells and of Ceramic Fuel Cells (Europe) Ltd, where he helped to raise £40 million when CFCL listed on the London AIM exchange.

He developed the market and supply chain for carbon and ceramic materials and components used in the Fuel Cell Industry at Morgan Crucible, where he was responsible for Business Development.

Brendan trained in Materials and Metallurgy at The University of Manchester, and has been a Member of the Institute of Directors and Deputy Chairman of Fuel Cells UK.

Brendan Bilton