N Leon Jacob

Leon is the Director of Abacus Solar Ltd.

After taking GCE exams at Dame Alice Owens Grammar School in Islington, London, recruitment into CNS Instruments Ltd in London rapidly followed by being promoted to Sales Engineer and then area manager with responsibility for North of England and Scotland, in 1963, based at Macclesfield in Cheshire, and achieving high turnover in scientific electronic systems for Laboratories.

Some years later, with a young family, a move to Potters Bar started a new career in Opto-electronics components and systems followed by recruitment into EMI Medical for the system Integration of Brain and Body scanners with promotions up to Team Leader Development Test.

Several years later, the opportunity arose to join Marconi Communications Systems Ltd at Chelmsford with responsibility for Sales and Market Development of Digital Transmission systems in the Line Division. After 3 more years with turnover achieved over 30% greater than the targets set, promotion was achieved into the new GPT structure based at Coventry, subsequently being made redundant as one of 300 senior managers to be let go by GPT.

A Degree in Business Administration was achieved while designing a Closed Loop Ecology System suitable for Third World and developing countries.

At this time, energy considerations became important and a move into Solar Energy Systems became sensible. The experience in product development and market exploitation became valuable and a new company was started, as a trading name, followed by an expansion into Abacus Solar Ltd, with our own workshops and new products patented.

The First new product was the Compact Solar Collector which could be used for Social Housing, followed by the PV Powerbox, suitable for use as a Remote Standby Power Supply powered by Solar Energy, in use with the British Red Cross.

More recently, a long held desire to make Photo-voltaic Panels (PV Panels for generation of Electricity) more efficient has come to fruition with working prototypes proving the capability to work as Composite Solar Collectors, giving a Thermal output up to FOUR times the power rating of the nominal PV Panel, in addition to the normal Electrical output of the PV Panel.

The next phase is to create production quality systems called the Abacus Composite Solar Panel and to get Beta Trials done and Accreditation as such followed by market exploitation as a world product and potential turnover of £50 million within 5 years.