Samantha Thodhlana

Samantha Thodhlana is managing director of YEP Media Ltd; Birmingham based Creative Agency working to develop meaningful, influential and profitable online media brands in the region.

After graduating with a first class in Media & Communications at Birmingham City University, Samantha went onto the BSEEN Programme located at BCU in June 2010. From there, she started developing the business alongside Daniel Blyden & Shantel Kadir.

Samantha also started working at the NTI Birmingham- which is part of Birmingham City University in 2010 as Communications & Marketing executive on some of the projects based at the NTI. After working there for near enough 9 months, Samantha had a career break intended to help develop YEP Media and get the business fully functional.

Since starting YEP Media, she’s worked on numerous projects across the city, from Say it Online project funded by Birmingham City Council & Arts Council West Midlands; as well as many other projects YEP Media have worked on over the past 11 months.

She’s since gone back to working at the NTI Birmingham part-time as Project Manager & Marketing- where she is currently working on some very exciting projects & courses.

As part of YEP Media’s business strategy, which is to develop innovate ways to use digital media: Samantha started her own blog site called Bonafide Supernova- ( in March 2011, which already has over 14,000 site views and a team of 5 people.

Samantha Thodhlana