Giles Brindley, Director

Born and brought up in the West Midlands, Giles took his first steps in learning the ins and outs of business at the age of 15, working alongside his father involved in photographic retail, developing and printing and training. Giles learned the basics of business from the ground up and continued this through experience in a wide variety of companies.

Giles is the Director at Quarto Perspective, and is a self-motivated, adaptable and highly qualified Business Advisor with a wealth of success working with others to help them deliver solutions to business problems. He possesses a high degree of knowledge and entrepreneurial flair. Over the years Giles has worked with several hundred people: working one-to-one, in small groups and teams.

Giles has developed a reputation for cutting through the detail to get to the source of a problem and define a practical and effective solution. Giles works to define clients' goals to help business owners in how to build and grow their businesses, to fulfill the business's full potential.

giles brindley