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Upcoming Events

BioForward international conference for life science companies at University of Birmingham on October 4

International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics in Birmingham from October 16-17 (£££)

Healthcare Innovation Roadshow for MedTech SMEs by WMAHSN at iCentrum on Oct 18 (free)

Could Birmingham's Tech Sector Rival London at iCentrum on Oct 23 (free)

Disruption 2018 emerging technologies at iCentrum on Oct 24 (££)

Belief, Imagination, and Delusion Conference at the European Research Institute from Nov 6-7

WMAHSN Digital Health Learning Community at iCentrum on Nov 6 (free)

Birmingham Tech Event at the Mailbox on Nov 6 (free)

Lunar Society Brexit Debate on Nov 12

Water challenges in a changing world at the University of Birmingham on Nov 21

Aston University Inaugural Lecture by Professor Jacqueline Blissett, School of Life & Health Sciences on Nov 22 (free)

UK Manufacturing Forum: From Research to Success at the University of Warwick on Dec 10-11 (free)

An A to Z of Innovation Here on Planet Earth by Dr Adrian Burden from Innovate Malvern CIC at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology on Jan 8

Aston University Inaugural Lecture by Professor Patricia Thornley, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences on Jan 15 (free)

Cancer Resarch UK Early Diagnosis Conference at Hilton Metropole on Fab 11-13 (£££)

Aston University Inaugural Lecture by Professor Carolyn Cordery, Aston Business School on Feb 19 (free)

Aston University Inaugural Lecture by Professor Helen Cameron, Aston Medical School on May 19 (free)

Aston University Inaugural Lecture by Professor Kate Sugden, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences on June 11 (free)

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Discovering and translating mechanisms of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and infectious diseases


Bringing researchers and the public together to improve understanding, detection and treatment of cancer.


Brumwear in Birmingham celebrates the millions of great individuals in the beating heart of England.

Book of the Year

Cancer Understanding It Handling It by Philip Johnson

This highly recommended book is written for the cancer patient, provides clarity on what is going on when cancer intrudes into your life, and written by Philip Johnson, Moseley resident and Professor of Translational Oncology at the University of Liverpool and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust.