Kevin Kendall

Prof Kendall received his PhD from Cambridge and has worked for 20 years in industrial research at ICI, and also 20 years in Universities at Monash, Akron, Keele and now Birmingham. His main interest now is energy, especially fuel cells, and he operates a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with a filling station on campus. It would be interesting if these new vehicles could be integrated into buildings which could supply combined heat and power from fuel cell units. Several technologies are being investigated in Prof Kendall’s lab and also in real houses where consumers are testing them.

Prof Kendall recently received the DTC grant for training 50 PhD students over the next 9 years worth £5.5M plus another £5M from industry, TSB and EU support.

Prof Kendall has also obtained a part of the new TSB electric vehicle project started in July 2009 worth £7.5M in total. This will test more than 100 commuter electric vehicles around Birmingham over the next two years, ten of them being hydrogen fuelled Microcabs which will be refuelled in Chemical Engineering. Our contribution is to improve the hydrogen refuelling facility as well as being involved with the vehicle allocations. Prof Kendall and Dr Bujalski have each been driving a Mitsubishi MieV car and charging them both at home and on campus.

Prof Kendall was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1993.

Kevin Kendall

Presentation - 2014