Lucy Hooberman

Lucy is professor and Director of Digital Media and Innovation at University of Warwick.

Lucy joined the University of Warwick in 2008 from the BBC and career in Industry. Since 2001, Lucy Hooberman has worked in the field of Innovation and Creativity at the BBC as part of the blue skies team set up to transform the organisation with the advent of the world wide web. This transformational period included business process innovation, innovation for products and services, culture change and future focussed work such as scenario planning and trends analysis. She founded and set up the BBC Blog network which is going from strength to strenth which not only enabled the BBC to get into social media beyond message boards, but helped change culture and behaviour as it developed. Collaboration between different disciplines is her speciality and she has facilitated and lead multi-disciplinary teams fostering shared vocabulary and metrics across divisions. Her formal research was in the potential for visual navigational modes to break down barriers to access and content and was published at IBC and as a BBC R&D white paper. Concentrating on intuitive navigational modes before the advent of Wii brought the concepts into the mass market was prescient.

Her background in journalism and documentary production prior to becoming a commissioning editor and executive producer gives her strong team leadership skills and presentations at numerous conferences around the world makes her an excellent communicator writer and visionary. Collaboration is her favoured mode, including putting in the work it takes to facilitate a cross disciplinary and cross cultural bid. She advised on an Sixth Framework EU 13 partner project on interactive narrative, NM2 and has consulted on Innovation practise too outside the media including working with Arup.

She joined the University of Warwick to set up a new Digital Media Institute to take the skills and knowhow of digital media and the creative economy across into other sectors to foster growth and acceleration into the digital economy. At Warwick, she is fostering digital media SMEs via the 4IP initiative with Channel Four and Screen West Midlands and bidding for two IPTV channels from the local strategic health authority to lead the way with the new public /private creation of public service media content. The language of creativity and innovation, the need for translation skills and new metrics are part of her research area.

Professor Hooberman is a Member of BAFTA, a Fellow of the RSA and is a judge on the Sony 2009 Radio awards for the newly established MultiPlatform awards.

Lucy Hooberman