Speaker Criteria

We request nominations for speakers who are:

1. Engaging: able to inspire scientists, business experts and investors,

2. Internationally competitive: involved in world leading research, technology or product development,

3. Innovative: having developed valuable intellectual property or being involved in industry partnerships, spinning out or growing companies,

4. Driven to make a positive impact: each speaker will ideally present distinct approach to address a major challenge such as climate change, energy alternatives, healthcare for the changing demographic, digital security, etc.

5. Recognized: While all speakers should be able to attract a crowd, one speaker will typically be from a senior executive of a widely recognized corporation with interest in the region,

6. Demonstrating growth potential: one speaker should ideally originate from a successful local SME or high growth company,

7. Regionally based: At least half of the speakers should be associated with universities, colleges or NHS Trusts in the region,

8. Representative: The region’s diversity should be represented,

9. Exclusions: Speakers should not be funded by tobacco companies or employed by military industries.

We welcome your suggestions.