Graham Silk

Graham Hampson Silk is Chairman of Hampson Holdings, a private company with investments in a number of varied businesses across the UK.

In the 20 years of running Hampson, he has invested in many new, smaller organisations as well as more established businesses, both private and public and helped them develop and grow. This has led to the creation of hundreds of new jobs and enabled many opportunities for people to succeed within those organisations.

From completing a Business Degree in 1982, Graham first worked for Smith and Nephew as a Brand Manager before moving into the Advertising sector where he worked for several agencies including The Lopex Group. In 1991, he made his first investment. This was a start up advertising agency in London which was finally sold to the Omnicon group in 1997 having created an excellent and exciting reputation and attracted a string of blue chip clients.

Since then he has repeated this with a number of different businesses and continues to be involved in many new and growing companies, continuing to both help build them successfully and create new opportunities for growth.

In 2001, he was named as an entrepreneur to watch by a business magazine. Unfortunately later that year he was diagnosed with leukaemia and given only a short time to live. Having been lucky enough to benefit from new scientific treatment, Graham now spends a great deal of time as a founder and Chairman of a blood cancer charity in the West Midlands.

In the 6 years of its life, the charity – Cure Leukaemia- has created a network and infrastructure of drug trial centres that link up the world class clinical ability of doctors and hospitals in the UK with the new generation of drugs and pharmaceutical excellence that is currently emerging on a world wide basis. This has resulted in 15 new drug trial nurses, an infrastructure of drug trial centres, over £15 million worth of drugs leveraged from Pharma companies (free to patients and the NHS) and consequently many thousands of patients benefitting from new treatment regimes.