Jim Parle

Jim Parle is Professor of Primary Care at the University of Birmingham, leads the Cancer team within Primary Care Clinical Sciences, and is Course director for the Physician Assistant Postgraduate Diploma progamme.

Jim’s main activity in his 20 years as an academic has been in education, leading on the introduction of a community based teaching course; championing the place of non-biosciences such as ethics and law and behavioural science in the medical curriculum; and leading innovative educational approaches such as using lay women to teach medical students how to perform female pelvic examinations. His research interests have been predominantly in thyroid epidemiology and in education.

Jim is well known in the fields of thyroid epidemiology and, in education, particularly in the development of innovative approaches to learning clinical skills. He also chairs the UK and Ireland board for PA studies. He has been on the steering committee for the biennial International Clinical Skills Conference series held in Tuscany, and now chairs the Scientific Committee for that conference. More recently he has temporarily taken over leadership of the highly successful cancer research team within primary care.

James Parle