Mark Thompson

Mark is the managing director of the AceOn Group. He started a company called Powerpacks UK Ltd in early 1990 after being made redundant. Powerpacks was formed to manufacture custom build battery packs and merged with a battery company called Allbatteries in 1997.

Mark then built a network of international contacts from across the globe and opened a 100% owned UK company in 2009 called Aceon Battery Technology Ltd, trading as the AceOn Group, which now specialises in Solar & Battery Technology.

A dedicated entrepreneur at heart, Mark said: “In the past I have run my own business and then gone back to working for other people. However, the frustration of not having full control drove me to start my own company once again."

“I have always had an instinct to develop and sell. I had a product I was proud of and wanted to enter the competition to help get funding to give me the opportunity to get the product to the market.”

AceOn Solar now offers one of Europe’s widest range of solar solutions from solar panels to LED Lighting, and AceOn Battery Technology designs, develops and manufactures products for the portable energy and free electricity markets. Based in the heart of England – Solihull - the Aceon Group intends to supply custom built battery packs and solar products worldwide.