Nick Booth

Nick Booth began working with social media, active citizens and government in 2005, the year he set up Podnosh Ltd. Nick concentrates on using the web to change the way the public and the public sector talk to each other. Much of his work is in neighbourhoods, but he also works at a strategic level with public and third sector organisations. Podnosh also works to encourage practical application of open data.

He has developed a range of techniques using social media to empower community groups to hold power to account and empower government to get involved in civic conversations online. Notably he was the driving force behind the development of social media surgery – a method which began in Birmingham and has spread across the UK and to at least 5 other countries.

Podnosh’s clients range from the BBC and central government through to housing associations, local authorities, social enterprises and a wide range of charities and community organisations. Nick’s work also includes opendata, transparency and measuring the impact of work in communities.

Before starting Podnosh Nick was the director of a quango and before that he was a political reporter and documentary maker for BBC television and BBC Radio 4. Nick is a visiting lecturer at INLOGOV at the University of Birmingham, on the advisory board of the NCVO, a board member of Stan’s Café theatre company and a Trustee of the Birmingham Conservation Trust. Nick guest lectures at the Birmingham University Institute of Local Government and Birmingham City University’s Online Journalism Course.



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