Peter Roper

Peter is an award winning public speaker, bestselling author and business development expert. Peter had a successful corporate career culminating becoming responsible for turnover in excess of £38m, employing over 200 people and winning numerous national awards.

From 1996 Peter moved on to established four new businesses of his own - some stunning successes and others fantastic failures!

Every successful business leader or owner needs to be able to skilfully communicate their offer to customers and clients in order to grow their business and this can often be more challenging for the ‘technically orientated’ community.

Peter developed a new career as an author and speaker and he has spoken to over 500,000 people in several countries. He has been a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) for many years and served as a Regional President of the Midlands Chapter of the PSA and National President of the Professional Speaking Association (2009-2010). Peter remains a Main Board member.

In April 2006 Peter became a bestselling author with his book “And Death Came Third!”

“A must read for anyone in business!” Lord Digby Jones

Following his success, outwardly life looked rosy but in just a few short months success took a different turn through a combination of poor choices, naivity and perhaps a little bad luck. Peter had to start again from scratch.

Peter has shared some of his hard earned lessons in 2010 in his book: “Running on Empty - How to gain success from failure in business”

“Running on Empty had a massive impact on me and that was only the introduction!” Brian Chernett Founder of the Academy of Chief Executives and the Ella Foundation

“Seeringly honest and truly a man of our times” Julian Powell Hallmark Hulme Solicitors

Peter now has a growing and successful Business Development Practice in Worcestershire and assists his family in their own organisation ‘Positive Ground’.

Peter Roper