Video Services

High speed broadband in combination with the unprecedented success of video file-sharing websites (like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip TV) means video on the internet has become much more accessible.

Whilst that's good for the viewer, it's even better for you, especially if you have a message that you think is worth hearing.

We offer 3 different packages to get your message across:

Bronze: a 45 second edited press-release presentation for £400, here's an example taken at our Innovative Healthcare Meeting:

Silver: a 90 second overview, including brand logo and illustrative still images for £600, as illustrated by the following interview taken at our Low Carbon Meeting:

Gold: a 2-3 minute edited and polished presentation, including brand logo, stylised cutaway shots, music, still images and existing video sequences for £900, e.g.:

You can use well-made intelligently targeted video to help spread the word - such as uploading it onto your social media platforms like Facebook or to your own YouTube channel.

From there, you can then keep your potential audience interested and engaged by pulling in more content which is relevant to your activities.

Video is the most likely piece of content to be shared and consumed online; quality video content can help you develop networks, create brand awareness and enter new markets. Intelligent, clear and engaging video can open up a dialogue for you with a much greater audience.

We're experts at helping people say what they want to say - and we create digital video that will raise your profile, broaden your impact and could bring in new customers and collaborations.

In addition to our standard packages, we'd also be delighted to create your very own bespoke solution - just give us a shout.

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