Ian Nabney

After studying mathematics for a BA at Oxford, Ian moved to Cambridge to do his PhD on infinite group theory. He then spent five years with Logica (a UK software house) at their R&D lab, developing a wide range of neural network applications.

In 1995 Ian was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Applied Maths at Aston University. In 2001 he was promoted to Senior Lecturer, and in 2004 to a Chair in Computer Science. Ian was the Associate Dean for Research for the School of Engineering and Applied Science and then the Head of the Computer Science group. He is also the chair of the Natural Computing Applications Forum (NCAF).

Ian's research spans both the theory and applications of neural networks and other pattern recognition techniques, with a special focus on data visualisation and probabilistic modelling. The work is inspired, directly or indirectly, by industrial problems in bioinformatics, biosignal processing, condition monitoring, remote sensing and financial forecasting. Ian developed the Netlab toolbox for neural networks and related pattern analysis techniques. He is a member of the Non-linearity and Complexity Research Group (NCRG) and also an active participant in the Computer Science Research Group. Between October 2000 and June 2002 Ian was the Director of the Cardionetics Institute of Bioinformatics, which researched methods for extracting clinically valuable information from electrocardiogram (ECG) data.

Ian Nabnay

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