Formal Members of Science Capital

giles brindley

Giles Brindley is an entrepreneur and qualified business advisor with experience in delivering business solutions from inception to completion in public and private sectors, with an emphasis on business strategy, market analysis and project management through to due diligence and contract negotiation. He founded Quarto Perspective and was a Partner at The Infinite Group. Giles obtained BSc and DPhil degrees in Chemistry from Nottingham and Oxford universities.

marcella erskine

Marcella Erskine founded Music Shakers, which provides classes to young children, parents and caregivers. She created a programme of music and movement experiences that enhances early childhood development and fosters community building. She has Master’s degree in Social Work from Hunter College, New York and a BSc in Psychology from Colorado State University.

michael overduin

Michael Overduin is a Professor of Structural Biology, and established the Henry Wellcome Building as a national facility for biomedical researchers. He leads a laboratory studying protein mechanisms involved in cancer, and volunteers for the Lunar Society Executive. He received a BSc in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1988 and a PhD in biochemistry from The Rockefeller University in 1993.

richard miner

Richard Miner is an adviser and finance director for entrepreneurial businesses, and is a Regional Director at FD Solutions. His experience in growing private companies including management buyouts, finance raising, acquisition, disposal and turnaround. Richard focusses on healthcare and technology sectors, and has served on the Board of NHS Foundation Trusts.

Vernon Blackmore

Vernon Blackmore founded NetNak, a web design company, and was a director of a Warwickshire charity, and Netnak continues to work with the educational and not-for-profit sectors. Vernon has Masters degrees in science (UMIST) and theology (King's College, London). He serves as an external supervisor at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, helping postgraduate students look at issues of e-business. He is a published author in science history and Internet guides.

Brief history

Science Capital was formed as a company limited by guarantee by Michael Overduin, Brian Miller and Vernon Blackmore in Birmingham in 2010.

Four more directors joined in 2013, allowing development of new activities and expanded outreach as a triple dip recession loomed in the UK, and growth became a more serious priority than austerity.

We continue to operate as a nonprofit organization and are looking for people interesting in running events together for innovative minds and business leaders.

People helping out

Joe Tibbetts and the crew at Boilerhouse Media

and The Information Daily team

Adam Maclean for business advice

Paul Worsnop for legal advice

David Hall on company formation

Eva Quigley for interviewing

Gavin Broughton on events

Scott James for interviewing

Stuart Whitehouse for videos


Science Capital enjoys working in partnership with local organisations.

Mutually beneficial relationships are offered to the region's Universities.

External Advisors

Advisors are drawn from our major corporate members, they suggest topics and speakers, review events, provide guidance in strategic planning, and are invited to our Annual General Meeting.