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covid19 conference Register here for the International COVID-19 Conference #3 on April 8 from 3-6 pm GMT. Tickets are free for this Zoom webconference, which is co-hosted with DiscoveryLab.

We welcome developers of COVID-19 solutions including treatments, diagnostics and devices, as well as clinical scientists, business, investors, medical, government, legal, regulatory, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, biotech and pharma industry experts who wish to provide advice, contacts or support.

COVID-19 Meeting 2

Presenters at the International COVID-19 Conference #2 on April 1:

Epidemiology & Surveillance, chair: Michael Overduin

0:820 Markus Kirkilionis, University of Warwick: Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology and Economy

08:40 Kevin Curran, Professor of Cyber Security, Ulster University

Medical Devices, chair: Kim Nguyen

09:00 Review agenda and introductions

09:15 Simon Park, University of Calgary: Biomedarmour: protection and monitoring for COVID-19 (need: business advisor)

09:30 Mathew Diggle, Clinical Microbiologist, Alberta Public Labs

09:45 John Ralston, Protxx: Identifying & quantifying neurological impairments in COVID-19 patients

10:00 Alessandro Biglioli, Elsius Biomedical: Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

10:15 Pierre Lemire, Kent Imaging

Therapeutics, chair: Colin Coros

10:30 Gavin Oudit, PEARKO Therapeutics: Novel Therapies targeting ACE2 for Covid19

10:45 John Dennis, SolAeroMed: S1226 to treat Covid-19 related lower respiratory tract viral infection (need: investment)

11:00 Rakesh Bhat, Director of Laboratory Science, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation: Antiviral discovery of nucleoside drugs and small molecules against viral polymerase, protease and Spike protein of SARS-CoV 2 (need: collaboration)

11:15 Robert Jay Rowen, MD, RowenSu Clinic: Ozone Therapy as a Plausible Inexpensive, Safe and Effective Solution to Coronavirus

Diagnostics, chair: Barbara Pierscione

11:45 Karsten Sauer, VP, Immunology, Repertoire Immune Systems

12:00 Dan Dalla-Londa, CEO, FluroTech: rapid COVID-19 diagnostic (need: investment + specific antibodies)

12:15 Mark Trifiro, McGill University: Plasmonic PCR: Rapid Point-of-Care COVID-19 Diagnostic Platform (need: financing)

12:45 Robert Mayall, Co-Founder, FREDsense Technologies Corp: Digitizing Biology as a Rapid Diagnostic Tool For COVID-19

Public Health, chair: Sharon MacLean

13:00 Isaac Bogoch, Infectious Diseases physician and scientist, University of Toronto: Harnessing human mobility and surveillance data for disease forecasting to drive evidence-based public health policy during the COVID-19 epidemic (CIHR project)

13:15 Martin Percy, Unit9: CoronaSaver to train, test & certify that you know about coronavirus (need: finance)

Manufacturing & Distribution, chair: Cameron Smithers

13:30 Louis-Olivier Roy, OPTEL Group: 1) Public health platform/traceability of the evolution of the outbreak 2) Traceability of critical items (respirators, masks) including a partnership with De La Rue for Authentication of vaccines and pharma.

13:45 Barry Shrier, Founder, GIANT Health Events: International Trade Mission

14:15 Travis Dahl, Inkubate Packaging: Rapid scaling of liquid processing and bottling

14:30 Allen Crowley, Crowley Enterprises: External Ozone Disinfection

14:45 Trevor MacDonald, Crowdblink: Technology solution for COVID19 response

15:00 Horacio Bach, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia

15:15 Amir Nezhad, University of Calgary: BioAro (Home kits for COVID19 detection)

COVID-19 meeting 1

Presenters, Companies: Titles at our first COVID-19 Conference on March 25, 2020:


Peter Wood, mmHg: Redefining Blood Pressure Measurement

John Ralston, Protxx: Identifying & quantifying neurological impairments in COVID-19 patients

Alessandro Biglioli, Elsius Biomedical: Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Abdullah Saleh, Metric Technologies: Simple low-cost automated bag-valve and COVID-19-rated ventilators

Martin Levermore, MDTi: Low-cost mechanical ventilator


John Dennis, SolAeroMed: S1226 to treatment of Covid-19 related lower respiratory tract viral infection

John Lewis & Colin Coros, Entos Pharmaceuticals: Fusogenix DNA Vaccine Platform


James Harynuk, TMIC: Rapid Metabolomics-based Viral Infection IDentification

Thomas Stachura, Pleasant Solutions: Cell phone-based COVID-19 sensor

Lynn McNeil, Chipcare: Point-of-care COVID-19 in vitro diagnostics platform

David Quail & Jeevesh Kapur, Igniting Innovations In Ultrasound Imaging


Martin Percy, Unit9: CoronaSaver to train, test & certify that you know about coronavirus

Peter Silverstone, COMS: Centre for Online Mental health Support

Kevin Maloney, Safe Contact Solutions: Artificial Intelligence Monitoring for Hand Hygiene

Elena Dumitrascu, Terrahub: Business Continuity and Return to Work Based on Credential Link

Steve Lloyd, Technology Shops: CoronaHood


Travis Dahl, Inkubate Packaging: Rapid scaling of liquid processing and bottling

Barry Shrier, Giant Health: Inbound Trade Mission

Teams are welcome to present a business plan in any field or stage to a panel of supportive legal, financial and entrepreneur advisors for free. Everyone is welcome to register to present and input in the discussion about how to better support innovation.

Science Capital 10th Year Anniversary Webconference

Those offering to present business plans at our April 28 webconference include:

aia malikAia Malik, Commercial Development Manager, Lucideon, leading product strategy across the Healthcare business area, globally. Providing strategic direction and disseminating market intelligence to Lucideon's technical and commercial teams, as well as delivering commercial and technical training to teams. Previously Ambassador at STEMNET. Foundation Foundation degree in Biological Sciences from The University of Manchester and BSc from Staffordshire University.

shireenShireen Al-Sahab, Lecturer, European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG), is a leading not-for-profit organization that exists to provide outstanding scientific content to the life science community. The foundation of the organisation is based on the use and application of automation, robotics and instrumentation in life science laboratories.

joJo Morrison, Director of Digital Innovation and Research, Calvium, focusing on digital innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration, creating and delivering strategies and projects to maximise impact, accelerate growth and create rich customer experiences across a range of sectors - including the built environment, creative industries, culture and education.

Huayun ShiHuayun Shi, ICURe ECR, University of Warwick, is pursuing her PhD in the Department of Chemistry with Dr. Peter Sadler and is collaborating with Dr. Cinzia Imberti. This team is developing agent that targets localised hypoxic tumours for treatme t of patients who fail to respond to surgery and chemotherapy.


Dr Luisa Orsini, Senior Lecturer in Biosystems and Environmental Change at the University of Birmingham and CEO of EnviSion, Environmental Biosequencing and Biocomputing, uses multidisciplinary science to understand evolutionary processes that enable freshwater communities to persist in the face of human impact. She applies engineering biology to translate fundamental science discoveries into practical applications, developing biotechnologies towards process-scale surface and wastewater decontamination as well as tools for the cost-effective and high throughput quantification of biodiversity to guide environment agencies and policy makers in conservation strategies.

martinMartin Levermore, CEO, Medical Devices Technology International Ltd (MDTi); Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, MBE for Services to West Midlands’ Businesses; Chair, Birmingham Commonwealth Association Trade and Business group with Medilink WM; Visiting Professor for Health, Education and Life Science at Birmingham City University.

asifAsif Ahmed, Founder, MirZyme, a biopharmaceutical spin out company from Aston Medical School, focused on maternal and child health; Executive Dean of Aston Medical School and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Aston University; Chair of Vascular Biology and 50th Anniversary Chair of Translational Medicine; Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology; previously Inaugural Gustav Born Chair of Vascular Biology and Assistant Principal for International Postdoctoral Training at the University of Edinburgh.

bilelBilel Khodjali, Doctor in Pharmacy; Sustainable Development Leader, and graduate of the MSc. Nanomedicine course at Swansea University Medical School, where he was Student Ambassador. He and his team have developed TrackMS, a first smart nano-device to monitor Multiple Sclerosis to help patients to do more, feel better, and live longer.

markMark Thompson, Managing Director, AceOn Group, started a company called Powerpacks UK Ltd to manufacture custom build battery packs, which was merged with a battery company called Allbatteries, gained International contacts from across the Globe and opened a 100% owned UK company in 2009 called Aceon Battery Technology Ltd (T/A AceOn Group), specialising in Solar & Battery Technology.

steveSteve Priestnall, Research Director, Movonix Ltd, responsible for the invention, design and development of a Health and Fitness device called MOVOBall that uses SMART Motion technology based on Mobile phone applications, Social Networking, Big Data and the Cloud Computing. UiPath Certified Business Analyst and Solutions Sales Director, ONQU Solutions.

martinMartin Percy, co-founder of Nominee for 'Tech For Good Entrepreneur 2020' in the Impact Awards. BAFTA-winning director of interactive films that teach lifesaving skills. Formal medical research shows his approach teaches CPR 29% better than traditional plastic dummy training - and 46% better than traditional school training. It's scalable, convenient and requires no new equipment. You just use your phone. TheOrangeHeart will apply this approach to 25 top skills. Everything from suicide prevention to stabbing. It will be the Netflix of survival training - where everyone in the world learns to save lives in a new way.

tonyTony Bartlett, Director Business Development, Nanoco Life Sciences, focused on strategic opportunities for health management and care providers through technology convergence and demand due to changing population demographics. Previously Managing Director, Tacit Bio Innovation Limited and Director, Europe, Business Development & Strategic Collaborations, SomaLogic

steveSteve Brett, co-Founder, E3 Compliance Training, using our knowledge from the games industry to create engaging and effective training by building training courses as games, engages people more effectively, increasing the level of information retained and reducing the amount of follow up work. Owner, Black Rock Marketing and previously Head of Marketing and Analytics at EightPixelsSquare.

Xiaohong Peng

Xiaohong Peng, Senior Lecturer with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, Aston University; Head of the Adaptive Communications Networks Research Group and Head of Wireless Communications – 5G Research Group in Aston Institution of Photonic Technology.

Our meetings are intended to help innovators who are looking to commercialize new technologies and high value research products and services in any field.

You'll have the opportunity to meet with business, legal and financial advisors, network with colleagues, and present your plan. Those who typically pitch include academic researchers, clinical scientists, and directors of new ventures, spin outs or SMEs.

Presenters are asked to describe their unique edge, market leading position, team, intellectual property, business strategy, products/services to be developed, investment desired, timeframe for delivery, and any issues they'd like help with.

A short (5-10 min) presentation focused on their business plan is given to a panel of advisors in a closed (non-public, with no other teams) round table meeting. Constructive verbal and written feedback is given to the team to help them develop their plan, and contacts are shared for follow up meetings.

Business Advisors for the private business plan pitching sessions:

Beverley NielsenBeverley Nielsen is the Lib Dem candidate for West Midlands Mayor, and Associate Professor and Director at the IDEA Institute at Birmingham City University where she supported the growth of >45 new start-ups. She was the first female director of AGA Rangemaster plc, later becoming MD of its subsidiary, Fired Earth, worked at the CBI for over a decade, and was awarded Midlands Business Woman of the Year.

Martin Green

Martin Green, Founder and CEO of Blueberry Consultants, focusses on creation of new products and companies. He started programming on small microcomputers while at school, and after University established a game development company, ATD. Martin has been directly involved in the creation of three other start-up companies, and has been a director of two other UK technology companies.

chris moore

Chris Moore, Partner, HGF, is a patent attorney covering engineering and chemical fields , with specialisations in aerospace and automotive technologies, green technology, medical devices, plastic electronics, ceramics, polymers, CVD and plasma deposition, fuel cells and analytical chemistry/instrumentation.

jamesJamie Elliott, Innovation Lead, West Midlands Combined Authority, coordinating innovation activities and linking different parts of the WMCA and wider partnership, working with the LEPs, Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands and Science parks. Previously Digital Innovation Manager, Areca Design and Founder, Vive Virtualities.

Richard MinerRichard Miner, Founder and Director of Enterprise FD, with experience with growing entrepreneurial business, finance raising, investment appraisal, identification of value drivers and exit planning. He is a member of the CMI and ICAEW and a Non Executive Director at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust.

Geoffrey Beanland

Geoffrey Beanland, with experience directing companies in healthcare and biotechnology markets, previously Chairman of Oxford Pharmacy Store, Polybiomed and Plasso Technology, Board member of Oxford Expression Technologies, held senior positions at Baxter International, Bristol Myers Squibb, Head of the Healthcare and Biotechnology Division, Scottish Development Agency.

Paul Heaven

Paul Heaven, Director, Jerroms Corporate Finance, providing corporate finance services for small to medium sized businesses in a diverse range of sectors. Founder/Director, Blue Sky Corporate Finance Ltd specialising in corporate finance consultancy for early stage enterprises. Member of the Regional Finance Forum representing the interests of the Business Angel Networks in the region. Board member of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP.


Patrick Duxbury, Partner, Gowling WLG (UK) LLP. Specialises in all aspects of non-contentious intellectual property law in the life sciences sector. Transactions include several licensing and collaboration deals for biotech and pharmaceutical company clients such as BioXell, Cambridge Antibody Technology Group, Astex Therapeutics, Eisai, PanGenetics, Prosidion, The Wellcome Trust, Renovo and others.


Giles Brindley, Director, Enterprise Mastery, Coach and Facilitator (EMCC) in Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability, enabling high performing and high potential leaders in creative and innovation-led industries to tackle challenges in strategy, innovation and sustainability. Over the years Giles has worked with several hundred people: working one-to-one, in small groups and teams.

Speakers for a future Science Capital event to discuss how best to support innovation:

Liam BryneLiam Byrne, Labour's West Midlands mayoral candidate, MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill, Shadow Digital Minister, chair of the cross-party think tank on progressive economics, Inclusive Growth, board member of the Great Britain China Centre, governor of the Institute of Government, author of Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain and founder of a technology start-up.

Charles Craddock

Charles Craddock, Academic Director of the Centre for Clinical Haematology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Professor of Haemato-oncology, at the University of Birmingham. He is a recent President of the British Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Chair of the UK Stem Cell Strategic Oversight Committee, and led on establishment of the £24 million Birmingham Institute of Translational Medicine.

Liam GroverLiam Grover, Professor in Biomaterials Science and the Director of the Healthcare Technologies Institute at the University of Birmingham, focuses on the application of materials science and chemical engineering for the regeneration of tissues. He has been involved in raising more than £20m to create infrastructure for developing new medical technologies within the Institute for Translational Medicine.

Tim Dafforn

Tim Dafforn, Professor of Biotechnology, Founder of Linear Diagnostics Ltd and Dioptica Scientific Ltd and director of knowledge transfer for the college of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, previously Chief Scientific Adviser at BEIS, member of the BBSRC new ways of working strategy panel, Synthetic Biology Leadership Council.

Barry ShrierBarry Shrier, Founder, Giant Health, connecting healthcare technology innovators worldwide. Chairman of the Governors, Unicorn School for the Dyslexic Child. Previously Chairman, CEO and Founder of Liberty Electric Cars Ltd, promoting electric vehicle technologies to reduce global warming and climate change; Founder and Chairman of Electric Automobile Association and Non Executive Director of LeoTerra LLC.


Aysha Ali

Aysha Ali, Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, is focusing on developing low-cost solutions for the simple and robust diagnosis of tuberculosis and antimicrobial resistance. Previously a Postdoctoral Researcher in Diagnostics at Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture. PhD in Chemistry, University of Birmingham.

Michael OverduinMichael Overduin, Professor at the University of Alberta, is developing polymers for preparation of membrane proteins in native nanodiscs for drug discovery, and focusses on signaling targets involved in cancer and diabetes. He directs DiscoveryLab and NANUC in Edmonton, and established the Henry Wellcome Building for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy at the University of Birmingham.


Marcella Erskine, Founder and Director of Music Shakers, which provides classes in Birmingham. She created a programme of music and movement experiences that enhances early childhood development and fosters community building. She has Master’s degree in Social Work from Hunter College, New York and a BSc in Psychology from Colorado State University, and teaches at One World Montessori School.


The plans, thoughts, and opinions expressed by presenters belong solely to the presenters. DiscoveryLab and Science Capital do not support or promote the research presented, we provide an open forum for discussion.

Pitch your plan

Obtain feedback on your business idea and explore new partnerships. Scientists, start-ups and SMEs are invited to present their plans for a free private consultation during with a panel of legal, business, financial and investment advisors who are experienced in developing commercialisation strategies. Places are limited, please register soon to secure your place.

Busines Plan Presenters at previous Science Capital events include:

  1. Amit Pate, SnaptivityApp
  2. Andrew Davies, STI Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  3. Andy Downing, Pengower
  4. Anoop Kumar Jain, Mars Flexible PackaginG
  5. Anthony Bradburn, bubblecard
  6. Baptiste Lamarre, NPL
  7. Barry Lambert, Medstars Limited
  8. Caezar Al-Jassar, University of Birmingham
  9. Chris Buckingham, GRiST
  10. Chris Coulson, University Hospital Birmingham
  11. Colin Adams, University of Birmingham
  12. Daniel Blyden, YEP Media
  13. Daniel Thompson, Query Tree
  14. David Broadbent, Cyberjenn
  15. Deepak Pathak, WEWANA Play
  16. Defang Ouyang, Aston University
  17. Don Dhaliwal, Refractiv
  18. Felicitas Freeman, LOCS Publishing Ltd
  19. Frank Neumann, Innaxon Therapeutics
  20. Furrukh Haseen, Haseen tech
  21. Gordon McKenzie, Michelson Diagnostics
  22. Gregory Sporton, Birmingham City University
  23. Heather Duncan, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  24. Ian Weatherhogg, Refractiv
  25. Jeremy Wyatt, University of Birmingham
  26. John Burke, Zero Energy Systems Ltd
  27. Juma El-Awaisi, Braci
  28. Kaizen Matsumoto, Pulmonoclean
  29. Les Lindsay, Diabetic Boot Co
  30. Liam Grover, University of Birmingham
  31. Luke Alderwick, University of Birmingham
  32. Luke Mulekezi, Pengower
  33. Marc Seager, bubblecard
  34. Mark Cobbold, University of Birmingham
  35. Mark Thompson, AceOn Solar
  36. Martin Levermore, MDTI
  37. Matam Rajeswari, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  38. Mevish Akhtar Aslam, Kreative Squid
  39. Mike Edwards, Meteor Power
  40. Mourad Oussalam, University of Birmingham
  41. Norman Leece, Gasfill Limited
  42. Omar Saeed, MyLabStock
  43. Paul Chadwick, Ergohome
  44. Paul Hung, ACTAtek
  45. Piers Cave, Eco Answers
  46. Radu Sora, Polysemantic
  47. Richard Griffin, BaaSE
  48. Rob Benson, Share Marketing
  49. Samantha Thodhlana, YEP Media
  50. Sean Derrig, Chemex
  51. Shameem Kazmi, Intelipac Innovations
  52. Stanislav Kolpakov, Aston University
  53. Stuart Alexander, Lucidity Networks
  54. Subhasis Banarjee, Origin Biomarkers
  55. Thomas Lipinski, Green Structures
  56. Tim Knowles, University of Birmingham
  57. Yolande van Niekerk, Medstars


COVID-19 Conference #2 on April 1


COVID-19 Conference #1 on March 25

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