An independent organisation, we bridge the gap between science and business.

About Science Capital

Scientists and innovators need to find the right connections to effectively commercialise their work and make a lasting difference. Our events have provided hundreds of valuable connections for enterprising individuals. Businesses have come forward to make new contacts, recruitments and partnerships at our meetings. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs have presented and obtained the advice needed to take their plans to the next level. We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes your active participation.

As an independent non-profit company which provides a direct link between academic and business experts, we offer a unique alternative.

We offer a programme of interactive events which bring together a mix of leaders from university, start-up, SME, industry, investment and legal settings who are interested in working together to address emerging opportunities and explore new partnerships.

Aim and vision

Science Capital’s aim is to create a sustainable and internationally recognized hub of entrepreneurial science that contributes to the development of our innovation-driven economy.

Our vision is to develop the best destination for scientists who want to make a difference.

The details...

Science & the city

We are based in Birmingham, where global challenges are being tackled with innovative technologies and business acumen combined with strategic investments and entrepreneurial drive.

Our focus is on the West Midlands - the largest Science City recognised by the UK. This region is home to 13 universities and colleges which employ over 3,150 academic leaders and generate over £200m of research income annually.

These world-leading organisations are increasingly charged with developing intellectual property, collaborating with industry and spinning out enterprises.

Science Capital’s audience includes entrepreneurs, SME directors, investors and business experts—anyone interested in emerging technologies and R&D-intensive companies.

Many ways to join in

We invite suggestions for event topics and speakers.

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