What participants said...

Feedback from attendees

I thought it was a great event. A really great advert for what's going on in the region.

The turnout was terrific (quality as well as quantity) and so the networking was very strong.

I enjoyed taking part in the 'business plan' session before the main meeting.

The event was a great reminder that attractive investment opportunities with the potential to change people's lives for the better can arise from publicly funded basic research. And that ideas need the right environment in which to take shape and access human and financial capital.

A personal thank you for an event that transcended both public and private sector interests, generating excitement and vigorous discussion in homes and climate change.

Just a thank you note for a very enjoyable and useful meeting. Next time I will do my best to encourage other colleagues from [my university] to attend; it would be good to strengthen links.

It was very useful to hear the business input from people and the questions about profit and business were thought provoking. This is the kind of opportunity that more academics need, to talk to business people and really discuss the applicability of their findings and try and think in a more business-like/translational fashion... Many thanks for organising such a great event.

This is just a quick message to say thank you for organising such an excellent event last night. Although my background is more physics and mechanical, I found all of the speakers to be extremely interesting.

I was very pleased to see the quality of your event and the attendees last night - it is very encouraging for the future of the city that initiatives such as yours and those attending last night are going on.

I thought it was a great event. It really supported my view that there are some really exciting developments in the region at the moment.

It was a great event, enjoyed the mix of people.

I very much enjoyed the range of presentations and the ability of the programme to engage those with widely varied experience of the topic.

I would compliment you on a very well organised event!

Once again many thanks for an enjoyable event and location.

Thank you for inviting me to participate in yesterday's events, it was enjoyable experience.

Great event last night, very good speakers, interesting stuff re science/business.

A great event. Well done.

Science Capital creates a much-needed conduit between academia and business, a unique and much-needed bridge between the two as well as facilitating expert advice for both. This model needs to be extended and replicated if the UK truly wishes to have an economy driven by innovation and technology. Do we want the UK to be a global player or spectator? It is initiatives such as Science Capital that will make the difference.

It was a pleasure to be involved in such a slick and polished event, I rather enjoyed the whole thing from VC pitch, through filming, evening discourse and networking.

It helped me immensely in judging audience and will inform future VC pitching approaches. You have directly helped me improve my offer to market whilst at the same time generating networking and awareness of my product, I cannot recommend the event highly enough.

I thought Wednesday was the best event yet! Great, engaged discussion prompted by very good quality speakers and chair.

A brilliant and highly productive meeting highlighting the huge translational potential of our region. You are to be warmly congratulated.

I thought this was an excellent event and would certainly like to keep in contact.

Congratulations on last night's function - it was excellent.

I wanted to thank you again for the invitation to last night’s meeting – it was a nice introduction to the activities of the area.

I very much enjoyed the evening. Networking was excellent.

Excellent audience mix.

I came along not really knowing what to expect but was very pleasantly suprised.

It was a delight and an honour to have the opportunity to speak at yesterday's event; and I thought all the speakers were well worth listening to. I'm also of the opinion that a debate without tough questions is a debate that's not worth having; and the questions & challenges yesterday were important and worth taking seriously.

It was great to have four presenters from very different backgrounds and organisations. I am obviously familiar with the Smart Cities agenda, but I did still learn quite a bit about the approaches and views of the various parties. Those I spoke to who are newish to Smart Cities found the presentations very accessible, which is a big tick when it comes to science and tech subjects.

Overall, the SC events are two of the best and most enjoyable networking events I’ve attended in a number of years- great atmosphere and interesting topics that you don’t just discuss but actually do something about with like minded people.

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's Science Capital event.