Malcolm McIntosh

Professor Malcolm McIntosh is an international leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable enterprise. Malcolm pioneered the teaching of corporate responsibility and sustainability in universities in the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and has been involved in publishing numerous books and articles in this area and producing documentary films for the BBC.

He has been a Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General’s Global Compact, and has worked for UNEP, the ILO and UNDP and many global corporations, including Shell, BP and Pfizer and has served on the stakeholder advisory boards of ABB, the BBC and AccountAbility. He has also worked for a number of INGOs and been an adviser to the governments of the UK, Norway and Canada on CSR public policy. He is primarily an entrepreneur and in a life of many parts he has set up business, civil society, academic and publishing organisations in Australia, Japan and the UK.

Malcolm has a first degree from the University of London in Education and a Masters and Doctorate in Peace Studies from Bradford University. For the last twenty years he has concentrated on sustainability, ethics, corporate responsibility and global governance issues and he has the Founding Editor of the peer reviewed Journal of Corporate Citizenship and Visions of Ethical Business.

Malcolm joined Griffith Business School in 2009 and is the Director for the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. The Centre’s vision is to engage in teaching and research on sustainable enterprise and to implement sustainable practices across the Business School and to encourage their uptake across the wider Griffith community, including the University. The Centre hosts regular seminars as part of its Sustainable Enterprise Seminar Series, and teaches a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise, which also feeds into the Griffith MBA program. The Centre has many international collaborative research projects and is working with colleagues around the world.

His latest books are: SEE Change: The transition to the sustainable enterprise economy Sandra Waddock and Malcolm McIntosh (forthcoming 2010) and Perspectives on Human Security Eds: Alan Hunter and Malcolm McIntosh (October 2010). Malcolm is also a Visiting Professor at the Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol, UK; and the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Coventry University, UK.

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