Lubo Jankovic

Dr Lubo Jankovic, BSc, PhD, FIAP, CEng, MCIBSE, from the Birmingham City University School of Architecture and Centre for Low Carbon Research, has had multidisciplinary career in advancing the field of Low Carbon Design.

Lubo gained extensive experience of building energy performance through instrumental monitoring and computer simulation and delivered energy A-rated building designs. He is currently authoring a book entitled “Designing Low Carbon Buildings Using Dynamic Simulation Methods”, to be published by Earthscan in 2012.

Scientists from Birmingham City University led by Dr Lubo Jankovic have been working on instrumental monitoring and post-occupancy evaluation of the Birmingham Zero Carbon House. Designed by Architect John Christophers and his team, the Zero Carbon House is a 170 year old residence, which has through retrofit surpassed today’s standards and achieved Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6.

Amongst several awards, the House is the winner of the RIBA Architecture Award 2010, and has been featured extensively in the national and international media. A cover article in The Times opened “I have seen the future – and it’s in Birmingham”, and The New York Times published an article entitled “An English House That Generates as Much as It Consumes”, giving this unique design achievement national and international recognition.

Recognising the importance of this project, Birmingham City University’s Centre for Low Carbon Research has secured funding for instrumental performance monitoring and post occupancy evaluation, being conducted over a two year period. The objective is to increase our understanding of principles of zero carbon retrofit and extrapolate the knowledge into a process that can be potentially rolled out to the rest of the UK. The talk will report on work in progress and offer insights into ways forward towards securing a low carbon future.


Presentation 2011