Vicky Sargent

Vicky is marketing, communication and business development specialist, starting her career with PA Consulting and Shandwick PR, and becoming the first CEO of the Design Business Association, before forming the company which became Boilerhouse with Joe Tibbetts in 1992.

Vicky has worked extensively with not-for-profit organisations including government departments, local authorities, the education sector, and trade and professional bodies.

She has particular expertise in online and digital communications for public sector organisations and is a consultant to Socitm, the association for IT and digital professionals working in the public and civil society sectors.

She works closely with Socitm Insight on its web, digital and customer access projects including Better connected and the Website Performance Improvement service, and recently authored the Socitm Insight report, Better served: customer access, efficiency and channel shift.

Vicky speaks regularly at conferences on web, social media and customer access issues. She has led web, digital and communications projects for among others, NHS Pensions, NHS North West, Oldham Council, Enfield Council, Control Shift and Making a Difference with Data.

Vicky Sargent

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