Speaker Profiles

Low Carbon 2014: From Partnership to Take-off

Innovative Healthcare 2014: From Design to Delivery

Digital World 2014: Doing Business with Data

Global Health 2013: Rise of the Resistance

Innovative Healthcare 2013: Cancer - from Cause to Cure

Digital World 2013: Understanding the Data Revolution

Digital World 2012: Networks, Nodes and Knowledge

Innovative Healthcare 2012: Drugs, Diagnostics & Delivery

Low Carbon 2012: Solar, Wind & Biomass

Advanced Materials 2012: Smart, Safe & Sustainable

Digital World 2011: Networks, Nodes & Knowledge

Innovative Healthcare 2011: Detection, Diagnostics & Delivery

Low Carbon 2011: Humans, Habitats & Heat

Advanced Materials 2011: Smart, Safe & Sustainable

Low Carbon 2010: Food, Fuel & Future

Innovative Healthcare 2010: Drugs, Diagnostics & Delivery

Digital World 2010: Networks, Nodes & Knowledge

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